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Two Part Mini Series - What is Moshiach?

and How it will Bring Heaven Down to Earth

The secret of Jewish survival is the Torah, which century after century has been studied and taught with commitment and love. But of what value is the Torah in our everyday lives? The result of using the Torah as a guide to living and interacting in our daily lives is an assurance of  a good life, not just spiritually, but in a material sense too.

Thursday, May 14th 7:30 PM


Lesson One: An Eternal Blueprint:

Blending Celestial Spirit and Mundane Matters

Men and women are different in so many ways—physically, emotionally, and even in the way their brains operate. The Rebbe taught that Jewish women play the lead role in bringing all of creation to the time of Redemption. This lesson explores the feminine mystique in an attempt to discover why this is so.

Wednesday, May 27th 7:30 PM


Lesson 2: The Dawning of an Era:

The Essence of the Feminine Role

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Coffee & Challah

Thursday, May 7 10:00 am
Creative braiding tips

Make yourself a mug of coffee or tea and join your friends as we chat, laugh, mix and knead. You’ll fill your day with happiness and your kitchen with the smell of freshly baked Challah.

Thursday, May 21 10:00 am
Shavuot Holiday